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November is National TMJ Awareness Month!

November is National TMJ Awareness Month. Do you know someone who suffers from TMJ syndrome? HeadEase can help! Stimulating the anesthesia point of the body, it helps reduce pain anywhere in the head. We've seen a lot of success with TMJ patients. Please spread the word! http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/c/5949/124590/jaw-awareness/

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For the Host with the Most!

If you're looking for a hostess gift for the holidays, don't forget about HeadEase!  HeadEase provides easy to use, pill free pain and stress relief.  What better way to give thanks to your party host this season?  

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Don’t Forget the Gift of Health for the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us!  It's time to celebrate the joy of the season with family and friends.  Along with holiday fun can sometimes come the stress and headache of party planning, gift giving and maybe a little too much indulging.  Remember: HeadEase can help relieve stress as well as headaches!  What better gift to [...]

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HeadEase in the Sahara!

Check out this HeadEase demonstration in Morocco!  We love that the word is spreading about HeadEase.  Please tell us about your experience!  We love receiving photos.  And of course, please spread the word about pill free pain relief!

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Introducing HeadEase: The original drug free alternative for headaches

I am thrilled to announce the availability of HeadEase®!  HeadEase® is a new acupressure product I developed as a drug free alternative for headaches. HeadEase® can be used easily by anyone, at anytime, to relieve head pain, including headaches, toothaches, earaches and TMJ syndrome.  It is a safe, natural, easy, effective, pill free alternative for you and your [...]

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