HeadEase® comes in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). The 3 sizes allow flexibility for a variety of hand sizes and shapes. In general, Small will work best for children and petite women, Medium will be best for average sized hands and Large will best fit men and women with larger hands.  There is a bit of flexibility in the material.  If you receive HeadEase® and find that the size ordered does not work well for you, please return for a size exchange.  To use HeadEase®, simply identify Hegu on your hands (it is the size of a coin), and place the rings properly on both hands for approximately 20 minutes.

You can find Hegu at the junction of the thumb and forefinger. You will know it’s working when you feel a dull “healing-ache” at the Hegu point. Ideally, HeadEase® is worn while in a relaxed position (sitting/resting). However, daily activities can be conducted during use.


When placing the rings both hands, make sure the balls fit snuggly in place on Hegu (on the back of your hand) and the opposite location on the palm of your hand. If a ring slips, try moving the ball closer to the junction of the thumb and forefinger, and make sure that the ball on the palm of your hand slides back as well.

And remember, Hegu is approximately the size of a coin. You will be able to find it easily.

Any additional questions or concerns, please contact us here.